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Weeping cherry has holey leaves

Hi all,

I just had a weeping cherry tree planted recently. I was looking at the leaves and almost all of them have holes. Several are turning yellow and in general the tree appears to be in bad shape. I don't think it's insects, it strikes me more as a disease. Here's a picture:


I have a few other fruit trees in the yard; two apples and a peach, and I'm concerned about this spreading to them, as I've noticed a hole or two in a few of their leaves. It's been very wet here recently, unseasonably so, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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It almost looks like there is insects on the leafs. If thats what they are, you should get a closer picture of them. I agree that it appears to be the workings of a fungi, maybe rust, but I'm not sure.

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