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Bug Spray for Herbs


I have 3 herb plants, Basil, thyme and Rosemary. They were all indoors but I decided to put them outdoors to see how they did since indoors they werent doing so well. They are really growing outside well. I have 2 questions.

1. since they are outside, something is eating my basil. Is there a spray I can use to keep bugs off?

2. Is full summer sun ok for these herbs?

FYI I am not a gardner, these are my first herbs, that have lived.

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First of all, bugs don't tend to eat much of the basil or any of my herbs for that matter, at least in my experience. So just share the love! IMO, that is much better than using poisons. An isolated hole or few holes doesn't hurt anything.

Here in S.C., though herbs call for full sun, I find that they do much better with morning through early afternoon sun. Late afternoon sun is just too much, especially if the plants are beside a reflective surface like beside a house.
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If your herbs are in pots, it's a pretty simple matter of giving them a good washing with the garden hose. Just be careful not to use enough pressure to damage the plants. That should keep things under control until the plants get big enough that a little pest damage won't hurt them. BTW, if you bring them back inside in the fall, be sure to wash them off first. Bugs are more than happy to spend the winter on a cosy windowsill.

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I like PJ's take; best thing to use on food crops is nothing... :D

Alex is right too, not much gets herbs, and they don't eat much if they do... pictures of the damage might help i.d. the critter(s) in question... THAT'S the first step in figuring what to do...

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