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Even with fertilizer I can't get my grass green like dogs do

I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I put in new sod 2 years ago and it stayed a nice lush green for two seasons but last year and this year I haven't been able to keep it green. The only lush green areas are where our dogs have urinated. I know that urine has a high level of nitrogen and I have been using various brands of fertilizer (name brands) at the recommended rates but I'm thinking I must be missing something. Anybody have experience with this?

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I never really understand the dynamics of grass and dog urine. I heard female urine is more acidic than male urine. You might take a hint from that and get the soil tested. If the pH is off balance, it can cause nutrient tie up and other problems. Call your local [url=https://extension.oregonstate.edu/locations.php]cooperative extension service[/url] for sampling instructions. Getting a soil test should be done at least every two years so you know if you need to add lime or sulfur to correct for acidic or alkaline soil. If it needs one but doesn't get it, the grass plants cannot manage other nutrients as well as it should, if at all.

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If you didn't top dress before you put the sod down top dress in the fall because besides ph levels you need decent soil for the roots to grow in. Manure and/or compost. People can spend all the money they want but if the soil is bad structurally you ain't goona get a "Scott's lawn."

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