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protecting my tomatoes?

ok so I have some tomatoes not sure 100% what type I think they are like brekfast ones. and some standerd peas. I planted a few out recently to see what they would do. within 2 days one of the tomatoes was gone just stem left.

when I planted out I put a cut up 2ltr coke bottle round them about 3inches tall 2 of them are fine with only botth leaves gone neer the edge of the bottle. but the one that dissapeerd had a slit I think the slugs or snails may have gotten in. I placed some pelets round and foudn today few ded slugs around the base slime eveywhere.

when I plant out the rest what can I do to protect the base. they are close to a fence I'm going to use to support them but I don't want to plant out if they gona get munched up.

we live neer a green area litraly end of garden so slugs are very commen and snails.

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There's a couple different things you can do for your slug/snail problem. First, I've heard of using beer. I guess if you leave a small saucer of beer out, the slugs and snails get in, drink up and die. I've never tried it, but I have heard it works. What I do is take egg shell, crush it into smaller pieces and sprinkle it around the plants. Becuase the slugs and snails have soft bodies they won't cross over the egg shell. It works for me. :D

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What you are doing is usually very effective. The metaldehyde snail baits lightly scattered around will wipe out nearly all of the slugs and snails in an area in a day or two, just make sure dogs and small children can't get at them. The cut off 2 liter bottles work well for rabbits, rodents, and cutworms although we leave ours as full size tubes (about 6-7 inches tall).

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We don't recommend the use of toxins for snails/slugs here, as they have dire secondary consequences for the critters (birds) who come upon the dead snails and slugs and eat them. The "Helpful" in the name of the forum refers not only to helping other gardeners, but to helping our gardens' long-term health.

There are several extended conversations currently taking place re. slug and snail control.

Using the Search feature (on the upper left-hand side of almost every page in the Forum), I found these discussions. They're only the first five (out of 10 pages or more) hits:

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Good luck in your campaign vs. the slugs.

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Please PM me about exactly what I can and cannot discuss on this forum. Metaldehyde snail bait is a legal gardening product and is safe if used properly. If this is a 100% organic forum please let me know.

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