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Hello! I'm new. I don't type very fast so please bear with me. I have lots of plants. I only have one tomato plant because we're not sure how long we will be living here. I was told to water in the evening. Is this correct? )

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The absolute best time to water a garden is in the early morning because it gives the water time to soak in before the heat of the day evaporates the water (wastes water). It also ensures that the leaves dry off before night time which prevents fungal infection. Watering at night or just before dark is the worst time because it aids fungal infection.

There is an old wives tale not to water in the heat of the day because water drops will magnify the sunlight and burn the leaves. This in unproven and people do it all the time without problem.

If your plants are in pots and you do not get any water on the leaves you can water any time you like.

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i water at night oops i think i will switch now...

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i have been trying to water no later than 330 if not in the morning, as of now most of my plants look healthy and free from leaf fungus, My squashed used to get the hazy look and die off, but then again i used to water late....

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at 7am sprinklers get the plants very light mist then at 6pm i water maybe i need chnge it my spincah leaves look gross

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x2 for watering in the morning... if you water at night you leave your plants moist all night which allows fungi, molds, and other diseases to occur!

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