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Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose

We bought a Joseph's Coat about a month ago. It sat outdoors in the pot for a week, and grew fine. Looked great. We transferred it into the ground and put two large trellises above it, and within two days, the roses wilted, and now various parts of the plant is brown and shriveled, yellowing, or just shriveled. The greenhouse in our area suggested when I planted it to get some MiracleGro Rose Food, and mix that in your watering weekly. We water a little, maybe a half gallon of water in the mornings, and other than that, I've let them be. Why aren't they taking off? The hole I dug was about twice as deep as the roots, and 18" in diameter. I filled the bottom with the better looking soil of what I dug out, and filled in the rest of the hole with what was in the pot (figured it was doing well there, so might as well use that soil), and patted down lightly. The sun rises from behind our home and sets in front, and the plant resides in the back, near the house, and behind a fairly small tree. From what I've seen, it gets 2-3 hours sun in the morning, and 2-3 in the midday--the rest in shade.

What's going on??

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Sorry to hear your transplant has not gone well. I have a few questions in order to help you without seeing the condition and location of your plants.

1. Where are you located and what has the weather been like?

2. What type of soil do you have? Clay, sandy, etc.?

3. Did you use any soil amendments or top soil when you planted it?

4. Are you watering every morning?

When planted, roses like gullies around their feet to keep the water in for a time and they definitely don't like to be watered after 3pm. "Don't like to go to bed with their feet wet..."

I have used miracle grow in my waterings from time to time but lately have preferred compost, espom salts, coffee grounds and blood meal. Not all at the same time of course.

Look forward to your answers and hopefully those roses will be on their way to healthy growing. :D

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