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Raspberry bushes

So as a "gift" in a newly planted perrenial garden I got the bonus of what I thought were picky weeds. Much to my surprise, and frankly delight, I got raspberry bushes! And, they bore fruit within a year. It was great to have that fruit but oh my gosh those vines! So as I'm trying to figure out what I can cut and what I shouldn't. They are growing beautifully this year and there are so many blossoms I just can't wait to see the amount of fruit I get this year. I've already bought a wooden trellis to install and coax the vines around but the vines are choking out my perrenials which is causing me some distress. So help please? What should I trim? When? The bushes, last year, seemed to bear fruit twice, once in early summer and again in the fall if that helps at all in determing the type. nThanks in advance!

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They sound like everbearing bushes. After the fall harvest the vines can be cut back to about 2 inches above the ground, but they will only fruit once a year then, in the fall. You can leave the vines after the fall harvest, and you will get a small yield in the spring/early summer on the old growth leftover from the fall, but personally, for me, I don't get nearly enough berries (and what I do get are very small) to make the mess of vines worth dealing with. I would much rather my raspberry patch look nice and clean and healthy all summer, with nice berries in the fall.

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Well reasoned... 8)

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