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Planting Seeds - New Gardener

Hi, I'm new to gardening but the past two weeks I've been growing tomato seeds in cups on a wet paper towel (to get them started) and soon I want to put them in the Topsy Turvy that I purchased. As of this morning I noticed one of the tomato seeds has a long stem-like thing with a leaf on the top. Does that mean its ready to be planted or should I wait for more leaves?

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wait for more leaves. AT LEAST 2 pair of true leaves (the first leaves that come out are seed leaves) and that is pushing it. Your little seedling wants to be babied, with lots of light (I start mine indoors under fluorescents that are on 16 hrs a day), steady even moisture, etc. Realize that it's probably at least three months from where you are now to eating ripe tomatoes and start earlier next year! :) I don't know where you are, but here in zone 6, I plant my tomato seeds around Valentine's day.

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