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Courgette wilting yellowing leaves


I am just wondering if anyone knows what would be causing the leaves of my courgette plants leaves to dry up wither and die?

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Hello and I will give it a shot.
If you pull up the plants, I bet you will see a bunch of "bugs", either squash bugs or blister beetles. If you don't, try splitting the stem open and you will find the culprit. Sevin is a good answer for your next crop. While I do not like to use Sevin, in my garden it is the only way to have zucchini. Best of luck. Don

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Gardener Don I'm going to follow you around and post my thoughts every where you recommend Sevin!

Please everyone don't use Sevin in your gardens. It is highly toxic to honeybees and very disruptive to natural ecosystems. Here's a little info. (some from the warning label and some from university studies)

* Harmful if swallowed.
* Extremely toxic to aquatic and estuarine invertebrates.
* Highly toxic to bees.
* Causes injury to Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper and Maidenhair fern. During early season, may injure Virginia and Sand pines.
This product causes reversible cholinesterase inhibition. Repeated overexposure may cause more severe cholinesterase inhibition with more pronounced signs and symptoms. May lead to rapid onset of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, involuntary shaking, excess salivation, pinpoint pupils, blurred vision, profuse sweating, temporary paralysis, respiratory depression, and convulsions.

"carbaryl [the poison in Sevin} is quite toxic to honey bees, certain beneficial insects such as lady beetles, and parasitic wasps and bees, certain species of aquatic insects, and some forms of shellfish such as shrimp and crabs. Care must be taken when using carbaryl in areas where these organisms exist."

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