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I have a number of redwood branches I wanted to use in Hugelkultur. However, I have read that certain tree cuttings, such as cedar, should not be used in Hugelkultur. Does anyone know whether redwood branches can be used in Hugelkultur? 8)

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Opa will be so happy to see this thread. :)

Here is another one on the subject:

I don't know the answer to your question though. Sorry.

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There is also a previous thread on hugulkultur in this same forum that might have something in it. It is the thread about seven or eight below your post. :wink:

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Hi Termite, all readwoods are fine for Hugelkultur. You are correct about cedar as it is vry acidic and slow to break down.

The purists say to just lay the wood in the ground but, I like to speed things along a bit by breaking the wood up with an axe or a chain saw. (Axe prefferred)

Potatoes do really well in Hugelkultur.

I hope this answers your question.

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The answer to this, as to all questions is: it depends.

I would avoid fresh cedar and redwood in a [url=https://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur]hugelkultur[/url] bed. But if it was really well rotted, then I would be good with it.
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Why would fresh cedar not be ideal for hugelkultur?

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Cedar contains several toxins, at least three of which actively act as natural herbicides.

If the cedar doesn't kill your plants, it will at least make them sad.

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