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looking for more info on my Ficus Bonsai

I got this plant at a baby shower and all the tag in said was Ficus Bonsai I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about it and possibly the correct name. I know some about bonsai care but have never had a ficus one before so any pointers would be handy. Here is the pictures


hope this way work never had to attach a picture that way before. Thank you for you help


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https://www.evergrowing.com/tips/ficustree.htm (not about bonsai)


These should keep you busy for a while. Try looking at your local library for general bonsai books, the informatin contained therein will be very useful and most bonsai books at least have a blurb on ficus.

You may wish to find a copy of the bonsai survival manual. It lists several types of trees (including ficus) and what conditions they are best grown under, how much water to give them, fertilizer and so on.

Though, I wouln't recommend rushing out and buying any particular book yet, just get yourself familiarized with the art first. Also, there is a bunch of information posted in the website on bonsai. Give that a read too.

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I am not sure you do have a Ficus there. The pics remind me of Carissa, but not quite. I need a bigger pic and can't enlarge these. Can you post a bigger image I can look at?


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