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Durian Seeds - How To Clean & Ship Them?

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, so first sending out a shout to all the great people here.

I'm currently in Thailand and want to send durian seeds to a friend of mine in the USA.

But I don't know how to clean and ship them exactly?

- How do I clean them (so that by the time my friends opens his mail, he won't be getting rotten, stinking durian)?
- How much cleaning can I do without damaging the seed?
- How do I ship it? (I suppose I just dry it and then put it in a plastic ziplock, close it and put it in a cushioned envelope?)

I attached a pic to illustrate the situation:

There's the yellow durian flesh attached to the seed, and directly at the attachment area, the fibers are very strong, and it seems not possible to remove these fibers without putting off the skin.

Thanks for your help!


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