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Tulips Bulbs for August Wedding

We would like to give out tulip bulbs as a wedding favor for our August 1st wedding in the Northeast.

I found a tulip vendor that will deliver bulbs in time for the wedding (https://www.tulips.com/bulbs-brides.cfm), but am wondering if this will be problematic since its a bit early for tulip bulbs here. Might we have problems storing the bulbs in between delivery and the wedding or will guests have trouble planting them in August since its not quite cool yet?

Another idea that I had was to put together a pot and a bulb for indoor growing. Is there anything available in July that would be appropriate for this use?

All advice welcomed. Thank you!

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I'm thinking you might be able to plant Fall crocus in August. Note though that all parts of most Fall crocus (with one exception) are poisonous. I've usually received them from nurseries in September so you'll have to find out if you can get them earlier. \

For an added umph, you might want to choose Saffron crocus (Crocus sativa) -- NOT POISONOUS -- yes, what the expensive spice/herb is harvested from. My clumps have grown bigger every year with minimum care.

This is where I got mine originally, many years ago: https://www.whiteflowerfarm.com/910891-product.html

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