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Need Advice for Graveside Flowers or Plants

I want to plant flowers and or decorative plants on and around a gravesite. It's a shady and sloped plot with a mix of somewhat rocky soil and clay located in the Western Pennsylvania climate. I am a novice gardener seeking advice on plants that can grow under these conditions with very low maintenance, while also conforming to what would be considered traditional, tasteful and appropriate for a cemetary setting. Am I asking too much? All suggestions are welcomed and I thank you all in advance for your time and expertise. Jeff

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Mom always said , never hurts to ask...

First you need to check with the cemetary. It has been my experience that rules on permanent plantings vary widely from cemetary to cemetary. Find out where you can and can't go, and we'll talk...


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Totally. I have run into that, when wanting to put plantings at our cemetery. They will only allow certain plants, and planted in certain ways. Check that out, and then get back to us, cause I do have some ideas, but there's no point if you can't do it! :wink:


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