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fig bonsai

I just bought a little bonsai fig tree less than three weeks ago. The directions were to soak the pot in water just below the rim for 20 mins every 3-4 days. well i've been taking care of it as best as i can but in the past few days its been losing a lot of leaves. What am I doing wrong? I was also told to keep it out of direct sunlight, so I thought when it started loosing its leaves maybe its too far from the light and moved it closer but still out of direct sunlight. It didn't make it any better.
Please help

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Pick a light soource and stick with it. Ficus drop leaves every time you change photoperiod (amount and type of light) Let it settle (indirect bright would be best).

And the calendar watering is for the birds, keep the soil evenly moist, even a little dry this time of year. Rainy season for these guys is in the middle of their summer; winters tend towards dry...


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