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When to Plant a conifer

I know nothing about gardening. This did not stop me from planting some Colorado blue spruce trees here in suburban Chicago. I thought you could plant trees any time, and that mid summer was the least desirable. My neighbors are telling me I should not have done this in January. It was in the 40's today and will be near 40 tomorrow. Then the 10-day forecast calls for highs in the low to mid 30's and lows in the mid 20's every day for the next ten days (little if any snow). Is there anything I should do to improve the chance of these trees making it? Should I throw mulch around them now or cover them in plastic?

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Hi Ray, the best time to plant a conifer is in the fall. But, provided the ground is not frozen solid, you can plant them in winter as well.

Give the trees a good watering and they should be fine. They are dormant now so, there is no need to fertilize them but, some good compost added to their holes will never hurt.

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I went to boot camp at Great Lakes, so believe me when I say, spray some Wilt-Pruf on them as soon as it is above freezing. The wind in your area will dry them like popcorn...soon...


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