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Help w/Identifying This Disease (Photo's)


I am sure someone here can probably identify this riight off the bat. I have (28.) tomato plants of different variety. Yep, we love them! Anyway, I've had these Bonnie transplants in the ground for about (2) weeks and they just started what you see in the pic's. ALL the plants have this and we're worried sick that we will lose them all. Also afraid it can move over to our pepper and other plants.

We had ALOT of rain right after transplanting and then a couple of cool nights after...maybe in the high 50's. It looks to me like a form of blight. I have a liquid copper fungicide that I can apply, but not for a few more days as rain is in the forecast. Thanks SO much for any help/advice! :D We live in North Ga Mountains in case you need regional info.

Also, I still have (3) transplants in the original container that were "extra" and have not planted them. They are developing the same. Could this have been with the plants before we even bought them?





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I can't tell for sure, but an Internet search on "diseases of tomatoes Georgia" gave me a link to a document from the U. of Georgia's College of Ag Sci at

There's a photo in the .pdf similar to those of your tomato plants, and the name of the similar-looking disease is "septoria lycopersici," which means "Septoria of tomatoes." It's carried by rain and damp conditions.

Please look at the .pdf to see if you agree that this is the correct diagnosis and see whether there are any treatments (I didn't look, sorry).

Good luck with the tomatoes.

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No doubt in my mind Cynthia. Good call.


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