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Transplanting wintercreeper

I had a about 10x10 ft area of wintercreeper that died last summer.
Can I transplant some other wintercreeper plants I have in my yard to help fill in the bare area.
I was thinking of using a bulb plantin tool to take plugs from if this would work

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transplanting wintercreeper

You can. But you would want to know why the first ones died. If there is something about that site that kills wintercreeper, then putting more in it is just risking them dying too. However, wintercreeper is a Euonymus, which is an invasive exotic, usually hardy and adaptable. So I guess the choices are it dies or it takes over your yard and maybe the neighbor's too. :roll: The Euonymous doesn't much care about sun exposure, doing well from full sun to pretty much shade, so the only things I can think of that would have killed the first ones would be that it likes soil to be moist and anywhere from neutral pH to very acidic. So if it was too dry or very limey soil, maybe it wouldn't do very well. But there are a lot of nice groundcovers that aren't invasive exotics. You might want to think about putting something else there. If you tell us more about the site (sun or shade, wet or dry, soil type) we could give some suggestions.

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