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Seeding in winter

We've been told that late winter is a good time to overseed in that the lawn soil has milions of frost crevices for seeds to nestle into, and that they will lie dormant til spring warmup. Does this make sense, work, etc.

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Well, I would read the instructions on the package of your lawn seed first to see if it is winter hardy.

But in theory, provided that you don't have heavy winter rains like we do here, it should work. I would still wait to February though because ice crystals will still form in and around the seeds and some seeds will recieve damage.

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Also, winter is the time that birds have the toughest time finding food, so they may find your nice fresh lawn seed pretty tasty. When I plant fresh grass (when it is not too large a space mind you), I sow the seed as per instructions, water well, then cover with clear plastic, just until there is a faint sign of green showing. That way the birds don't get your seed before they get growing.
You need to take the plastic off right away once there is sign of sprouting though, otherwise, you can scorch the grass and kill it. Also, even though it is covered with plastic, the soil can still dry out, so check it often to ensure there is enough water there for it to sprout!
Happy grass growing! :wink:


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While it is safe and effective to sow seed now, I too am worried about the bird factor. Perhaps with a little topdressing to cover it...but forewarned is forearmed...


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