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It's Spring but Only 1 of 3 Hydrangeas has Leaves - Why?

I'm a complete newbie when it comes to planting anything....I know nothing. So please bear with me when I ask what I'm sure are incorrect terms & stupid questions to you guys....

ok, so heres the deal. I just bought a house and decided last fall to plant some hydrangeas. I ordered them online, and they came in about october.... dirt & stem....(I live in Rhode Island) So I planted them with a mix of hummus & manure, and threw a little mulch on top to help them over the winter.

SO here we are in the spring, and only one of 3 has started with the green leaves...the other 2, nothing. I scratched the base of one of the others and there was green underneath..(which I figure is still a good sign?) I don't get it....the green leaves started over a month ago on one of them, and the other 2, theres still nothing....are they dead? How long should I wait? Theyre behind my garage along the grass edge, and they get morning sunlight and afternoon shade......

Again sorry for my lack of knowledge....I'm new to this and could use some help...I'll take any tips, suggestions, criticisms...thanks!

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Was the manure fresh or completely composted?

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uhhh. As far as I knew it was fresh....I bought it at a store as "hummus & manure" mix....thanks for your reply.

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Give them a little more time. Sometimes they do leaf out late. I have a couple that are just beginning to leaf out and I live in Central NY, If there is green under the bark then that's a good sign that it's still alive.

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