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will grass evergrow??

hiya not sure if this is the right place to put but couldnt see where lol anyways

We live in an old terrace type house and of course the back yard is concrete :( my Question is would grass grow?? Don't really want to break it all up and hire a skip because where we live your not allowed to have a skip outside (right on road side)

Have been looking on the web some people have broke up concrete chucked loads of topsoil and then grassed would this really work??

We are wanting to get garden done and have put some nice decking down etc and think grass would finish it off

Also to add our next door have grassed laidbut unsure how they got it lol

Any ideas or info be received with thanks

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I do not know the answer to that question. Your best bet would be to cover the concrete with soil, and then plant grass. But that is all I an tell you.

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