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Ice Storm Damage to Apple Tree

I live in New England and we experienced a major ice storm this year. I have several apple trees and they were damaged. On one large branch the bottom of it sheared off and it is exposed (approx. 3 feet)....the good news is that the branch still has developed buds on it. What should I do to this area...leave it alone? seal it?
On another tree the branch has broke but not completely off....this branch also seems to be budding up. Any suggestions on this brancH? any help would be greatly appreciated...I would had to see these trees die.

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Can you post photos? It is a little difficult to get a clear idea of the situation from the description.

If the branches are partially broken the best course of action is to simply prune them off. A partially broken branch will eventually fail and is likely to further damage the tree in the process either by taking other branches with it or tearing the bark.

Under no circumstances should you apply any sealer. These products actual impede healing and are of no benefit.

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