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Lettuce problem

Hello folks. I've been reading the forum for the past few months and have absorbed quite a bit of information about veggies.

I've started 2 4X8 raised beds with my kids and filled them up this past weekend.

The romaine lettuce I've planted was from a 6 pack from our local greenhouse. Theye looked great, and they seemed like they were begining to form a head. Now they all seem to have some browish tint at the base of the leaves and seem to be flopping over and now look rather haggered. I'm wondering if the consistant rain we have had for the last few days is causing some dampening off, or will they bounce back when and if the sun comes out?

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I am thinking too much water. They may recoup. You will just have to watch and see. Sometimes, when it is real damp, the slugs and snails can cause problems on lettuce.

Try again, but this time sow seed where it will grow. Don't plant it very thick. I like to plant 4 or 5 seeds every foot in a row. Then later thin to one plant per foot in the row. Now the plants will grow a nice big head and the leaves will have good body and flavor.

Have a great garden!
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Definitely check for slugs -- just after sunrise or at dusk, or even at night with a flashlight -- look for little holes, dark green specks of poop, or brownish liquid pooling or dripping. If the lettuce are flopping over, surrounding the base with sand will prop them up without adding to the decay. Sharp builder's sand may also help to deter the slugs, though I must admit my army of slugs have been impervious to such ploys. :roll: Check for anything that might provide a bridge -- they use weeds, wisps of straw, garden fence, even string markers. :evil:

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