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Please help with stargazer lillies

I'm your average girl who loves her lillies,, I bought them a few years ago and they have never disappointed,,
but now I think I accidently killed a few off..
A few weeks ago,, I ripped up and replaced the weed paper and re-mulched,, being very careful to cut out x's where the lillies come up..
well today,, I added a few more bulbs ( centerfold lillies) and found that
my stargazers were trapped under the paper,, about 2 or 3 of them,, I gently
proped them up,, but the stems that are supposed to be green,, are almost pure white,, Did I do them in for good? or will they come up this year if I keep my fingers crossed.

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They should be fine. This year's shape, growth and flower could be affected, but the stems should green up and start storing energy for the plant shortly after getting exposure to the sunlight.

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I have several stargazers planted in large pots. They only came up for two years. I dug in the pot and found that the bulbs had separated into small pieces. What happened? Is it better to plant them in the ground? I live in ZONE 8.

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My stargazer and Asiatic lily bulbs have been moved, potted, and moved again. The bulbs seem to be very hardy and as long as they stay warm and watered when soil becomes dry, they should come back. I found Mulch helps greatly too with moisture control. If they've seperated, they may be spreading. Every year I tend to have another lily or two than what I started with. Not a lily expert but givin' advice on what worked for me! Good luck! :D

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