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Why is my lawn 'spongy' and what can I do?

Hi, if anyone can help then please do!!

My lawn is very spongy and patchy almost. It look like moss or something similar?
I'm starting at the very bottom of the gardening ladder and any pointers would be appreciated!

Thank, Kath

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Hi Kath,

Not sure what you mean exactly... pics would help. It sounds like thatch build up but then maybe you have the 'clover weed'; not sure. I'm still learning about lawn care but I must say it looks better than it did before I let my lawn guy go and started mowing myself. :shock:

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Yes, I'm not sure what you mean either, sorry. Are you saying spongy by appearance or it feels spongy? If it feels spongy, then what feels spongy, the grass or the soil?

Also, please explain what you mean by patchy.

Pictures would help tremendously.

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it could be thatch. Thatch grows beneath the surface of you're lawn and can only be checked for by using a corer or much more commonly a small spade or trowel to cut out a small section of grass a few inches deep. If you Google (lawn thatch) you will find several good sites with information and pictures. I found a good site I was going to link but it is put up by a lawn care business and would violate the posting rules.

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I don't know where your location is, Kath, and I don't know beans about growing a lawn. One thing I'm very familiar with, however, is moss. It does feel sort of spongy when you step on it. If you know what moss looks like, and you think the stuff looks similar, I'd bet that's exactly what it is.

Bestlawn and the others know far more than I do. I just fight an ongoing battle with moss. It grows and spreads through the winter to the point where it threatens to overwhelm my entire house. Every spring, I have to go out and pressure wash the foundation of the house, the walks, the patio, the lower 1/4 of the fence, yada, yada, yada. Bah! :roll:

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