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Unknown plants, keep or pull?

Hi everyone. I am new at gardening and am trying to figure out what is growing in my yard. Here are some plants I am wondering about. Thanks for your input! [url][/url]

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I can't identify those, but can only tell you that I'd keep them until I could tell better. The first and last photo especially don't look like weeds to me, or at least any I've seen here in Missouri.

The last one looks almost like some sort of lily.

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Thanks Patsy!

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The first one looks like an Asparagus Fern, maybe. The third one looks familiar but I can't place it. I agree with Patsy, definitely not weeds. How fun to have mystery plants! It will be a surprise when they come to fruition. :P

Let us know how they grow up! :wink:

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I don't think "Mystery Plant #5" is an asparagus fern. Not one I've ever seen before, anyway. It looks very much like a weed that grows in my yard. I have no idea what the name of it is. I just call it "sticky weed," because it clings to your clothing when you pull it up. :lol: IIRC, it eventually produces tiny little flowers. I'm not sure that's what is in the pic, just looks like it to me. :)

I'd probably leave #4 to see what it does. Could be something nice, or it could be deadly nightshade. To early to tell for certain.

#3 reminds me of a chrysanthemum, but I have no idea whether or not that's what it actually is. This is one I'd wait and see on.

#2 also reminds me of a weed I get around here. It produces spikes of lavender flowers. Some would probably call it a wildflower and let it be, but it really invades my yard badly if I fail to pull 90% of them up.

I've never seen anything like the one titled "Mystery Plant."

I think you should just let them grow and see if you like them as they mature. Except for #5. If you touch it and it wants to stick to your clothes, I highly recommend that you pull the stuff.

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'mystery plant' (un-numbered) does look like something lily-family.

#4 looks like cherry seedlings. maybe black cherry (P. serotina)

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Thanks Everyone! I really appreciate your input.

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I just posted another mystery plant thread and noticed this. I have something identical to the one titled "mystery plant". I agree, it looks like something lily-like, but I haven't been able to get a positive ID. The fuzzy stem is something else, almost 3/4" thick now! Check out this thread for more pics of "mystery plant":


Mine looked exactly like your flickr shot 1.5 to 2 weeks ago. As you can tell from the pictures in the link above, they've really gone wild since.

Any help with an ID would be much appreciated! ;)

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