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lavender in ground - I want to move to a container, help!

we have lavender growing in our yard. it is in small patches spread all over the yard. when my husband cuts the grass with the lawnmower they get cut down. they are all over the place!!!

I'd like to save them! I want to move them to a different area. maybe a large container. they are spreading everywhere and I'd like to keep them contained yet eliminate them from growing everywhere else!

any ideas? I've read a lot about transplanting from pot to ground - but I want to do the opposite.


just wanted to add the fact that these are single stem lavender just randomly growing in the yard some together in patches, some just spread out. is not a "bush" it's like a weed

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You ought to be able just to dig some of them up and put them in pots. IMO, though, it's a plant that does better when grown in the ground. If you want lavender in containers, you might do better by just planting some seeds in pots. That's what I do, anyway.

There is some information here:


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