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Identifying Plants


I've just moved to a new house and to put it bluntly I'm less than a novice when it comes to gardening. I have severals small bushes/trees in the garden and need to identify them so I know how to actually cut them back?

Any help in identifying the following pictures would be greatly received.













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#3 looks like a rhododendron to me. I know #4, too, but for the life of me, can't dredge up the name at the moment. (I even have one growing out by my front door! :roll: )

Sorry, but I don't recognize any of the others. :(

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Hi Jamie

I think number 4 is Laurel Bush (Not sure whether I have spelt that correctly though)

No idea on the others - however, I must say, your garden looks lovely and colourful.

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euonymous (variegated)
The second one looks like something I would pull :wink:
Sorry I could not help more.
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Those are some lovely shrubs you have. What a great way to start your landscape. My contribution isn't much either here - sorry but here goes:

3rd pic from top - rhododendrum
9th pic - gardenia
8th and 10th pic - japanese maple????

Good luck to you. :wink:
~ Julie

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1st: ? (I'm working on it; leaf a bit like cotoneaster but habit and flower wrong...)

2nd: Acer negundo seedling?

3rd: Rhododendron (with iron deficiency)

4th: ? (More Family Magnoliaceae than Family Ericaceae...)

5th: Euonymus

6th: Prunus something, need whole plant. (P. cerasifera or Newport Plum or 'Thundercloud'...)

7th: Green euonymus?

8 and 10: Kerria japonica 'Albo Picta'

9: Sad gardenia or azalea... (time for retirement either way).

Scott Reil

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