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I am new to lawn care and truly have NO experience in it. I hope anybody can help with an advice. Last year when we bought out house our lawn looked very thin to me and I bought from TV a quicklawn seeds. I had no idea that there are many sorts of grass. I just received a spring services from TRUE GREEN and they notified me that my lawn doesn't have crabgrass but RESCUE GRASS. Forest like bushy grass that is taking over my lawn. They can't help me as it is grass and there are no sprays to get rid of it. I am sad ( I know it is not the end of the world but I feel I failed a very simple task) to keep small lawn . I never could think I will be asking for advice about a lawn but here I am. Please help me to learn how I can make it a perfect lawn ( just like yours) I am up to the task.
Thank you

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rescue grass

I'm not a lawn person myself-- my goal is to eventually have NO lawn. But since no one has responded to your post, I'll give it a little try. You mentioned a "small" lawn. If it's really a small lawn, can you just dig the rescue grass out and plant good grass seed in the holes? Otherwise, I didn't quite understand the part about it's grass, so there's no spray for it. There's no spray that would distinguish it from the grass you want, so you can't just spray your whole lawn. But RoundUp kills anything green. If you don't mind using poison, you can "paint" the RoundUp just on the rescue grass. Done that way, the RoundUp won't kill anything it doesn't touch and the rescue grass WILL die. RoundUp is pretty nasty stuff (read the warning labels), but has the advantage that it breaks down pretty quickly, so it doesn't stay around in the environment.

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