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Repetitive Planting of Cherry Tomatoes?

I have a small garden (4' x 20') where I plant cherry tomatoes every year. That's all I plant, and I use up the whole of the little garden.
What do I have to do to make sure that this repetitive annual planting will yield a good crop?

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I don't think you can do anything except rotate your crop. You need to give it a year or two when you plant other things in there or you risk blight becoming a problem.

I'm not a pro so I could be wrong and you might just go ahead and plant in the same place until a problem shows up. Our cold winters might be a protection?

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To keep growth up just keep adding organic matter/compost every year and fertilize if the plants need it. Many of us use the same spot year after year without disease problems. In a home garden you can gamble that way, and only rotate after a bad year, but if you are a tomato farmer you want to rotate your crops every year to be sure that you don't loose money from a disease outbreak. Removing diseased leaves from the plants/garden also keeps the likelyhood of disease the next year low. Farmers can't do this so they have "dirty" fields and disease buildup.

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