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Help! Bonsai On The Rocks!

Hi there, I am new to this forum so hello to everyone.... Hope you are all well... :D I have a problem that I would like to discuss with you, any suggestions or advice would be most welcomed and very much needed! So here goes...

Recently, I brought a COPROSMA KIRKII VARIEGATA starter bonsai, from a garden center. The plant/tree itself is very young, although the little trunk and branches have turned woody...
I decided that it would look perfect to try and root over a rock. I had never done this method of Bonsai, therefore being good for my development. I placed a suitable rock into a pot and placed the plant/roots over the rock and put soil where necessary all as instructed by a couple of good books. I put a stocking/tights over the rock and roots to protect it.
When I woke up the next day, it had wilted, and it continued to get worse over the next two/three weeks or more. Until it got so bad/rotten I decided to cut all the leaves off :!: :roll:... That was over a month ago, I still water it and wonder if it will ever wake up and surprise me. very worried that it would die.
I know it hasn't been long, but do you think it will live? Or am I just hoping in vain? Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome...

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think u should scratch the bark to see if the tree is still alive if it is it would be green on the inside
hope that helped

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Sorry I had never heard of this species before so I have nothing specific to offer. If after nearly two months of decline it is not responding I think I would begin looking for my next bonsai. :wink: Some species don't respond well to having their roots disturbed and it is likely that your plant was only recently potted before you purchased it, perhaps you acted too soon.

But, you never can tell sometimes plants can surprise you. It certainly won't hurt to keep it around for a while longer, you might get lucky. Be careful not water too frequently as a plant with no foliage will not require watering as often as the same specimen in leaf.


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