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Help! Climber choice for west facing house wall

I would like to grow some kind of flowering climber along the west facing wall of my house. It gets the sun for a few hours in the middle of the day, then for a couple of hours at the end of the day (when its gone round my neighbours house). Ideally I would like it to grow round to the front of the house too but that is north facing and doesn't get any sun at all apart from a quick flash first thing in the morning

I am an enthusiastic but relatively novice gardener and find alot of the websites quite confusing and sometimes contradicting so would appreciate any advice anyone has please :D


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A rose might do well, not the hybrid kind but Hugo roses or the like.

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vines for part sun

honeysuckle trumpet vine is quick growing, but not overwhelming and hummingbirds love it. In my garden though I grow all kinds of hummingbird flowers, this one is their favorite. Trumpet creeper is another one hummingbirds like, very hardy and adaptable re conditions. But I made the mistake of planting one next to drainpipe of my house and it is now a few years later swallowing the house whole. Don't plant it on your house (the suckers do damage). It would be good for planting on an arbor if it was a sturdy structure. Clematis and climbing hydrangea should like your part sun conditions and the hydrangea might even tolerate the north side.

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