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White insect found on bush, produces white threads from rear

Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at growing a rose (Marmalade Skies Floribunda rose) and I have managed to keep it looking quite nice and healthy for about a month now. However, today I found about five small white insects (about 1/2 a centimeter long) that produce an abundance of white sticky threads from its rear. The webs are located sporadically on the leaves as well as the branches and I found one lone insect on one of my tomato plants as well. The insect has six legs and two small dots on its back. They fly, but only when touched, not if you simply move a branch.

I apologize for this description being so long but I have searched and searched online for this insect to no avail. I brought the insect and its web to Home Depot and the associate said it looked like a mite but I read online that mites have eight legs.

Anyway, any thoughts at all would be helpful. Thanks for reading all this!


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These guys?



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