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Aphids on my geranium...

I've got a container garden on my balcony. I noticed today that there were lots of little green bugs all over my geranium... I assume that they are aphids. They don't appear to have spread to my other plants (yet).
I don't want to use any pesticides... Is there anything natural that I can spray on or any other suggestions?

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I would take the plant into the kitchen and wash the bugs off with water. If you have a sprayer on your sink, use that, but if not, just hold the plant under the stream of water from the faucet. Make sure you wash all the stems and both sides of all the leaves. You can use aluminum foil to cover the pot, if you like. That way you can turn the plant upside down without the soil falling into your sink.

You'll need to repeat the process every week or so, to get rid of new bugs as they hatch out. Three or 4 weekly washings should get rid of them completely. :)

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Good answer, Kisal!


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