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dark spots on hydrangea leaves??


I'm new to this site and recently started gardening. I'm having problems w/ the hydrangeas I planted and also have a question about another hydrangea that I ordered from an online nursery.

I planted a few hydrangeas a few weeks ago and they've been doing well until about 2 weeks ago. The leaves on one plant started to become brown and looked like they got too much sun. The leaves have gotten worse and it's now spreading to the other 2 plants next to it. Does anybody know what this could be? I thought it was the snails and slugs that I've seen near the plants but am doubting it since it's spreading.

Also, does anybody know what the leaves of a very young incrediball hydrangea look like? I ordered an incrediball hydrangea and was told it was 2 years old but it looks very small and the leaves don't look like other hydrangea plants that I've seen.

I would appreciate any help that I can get!! Thank you!
**I don't know how to include an image.

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Could be a fungal disease, but hard to tell from descriptions. Pics maybe? Was it bronze first?

'Incrediball' is a sterile form of our native Hydrangea arborescens, much like the better known cultivar 'Annabelle'. I do have H. Arborescens, but grow the less showy but more floriferous species type, as it has the nectar that hummers and other insects crave. This isn't like bigleaf hydrangea as it blooms later on first year wood, so you are assured blooms every year (not that that is an issue in Cali...) Pretty much the same needs, but H. arborescens is just less needy...

Scott Reil

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