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Weeping Pussy Willow Tree - growing problem

I bought a small Weeping Pussy Willow a couple of months ago for Valentine's Day and wasn't planting it until end of April, beginning of May (after the threat of frost is gone). It had catkins when I bought it. I must have let it get too dry while in the house, and now it has dried leaves and very few catkins on the branches. I was wondering if I should prune these limbs off or is it too late in the spring. I haven't cut it back yet... am I supposed to? I live in southwestern ontario where winters can be mild to harsh and summers are hot and dry, and sometimes wet (depends on this global warming). I want to plant it in my front yard where it will get most of the days' sun. Any help would be appreciated.

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Could be too near the heat that dried out the soil. You can try pruning it back and plant and see what happens. They like a mosit well draining soil. Don't want it where it will get the full blast of afternoon sun. Don't forget the bonemeal.

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Willows 'n water

Hey, bullthistle is right. Willows like plenty of moisture and if yours was used to "perfect" watering in the nursery its a natural defense against drought to shed leaves. But, if you haven't weilded the pruners yet - scratch the defoliated stems with your thumbnail to see if the twigs are green under the bark. If so, you might wait and see how far out they leaf out again and prune it then. If brown, chop chop.

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