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strange rubbery tentacled root found while weeding garden


Hoping someone can help me identify a very strange root (or parasite) that we dug up whilst weeding the garden today. I posted some pictures online at:








We put it in the freezer, but the thing is kind of freaking me out. It is just so odd looking. I am beginning to think a kid might have buried a toy that has been latched onto by roots. If anyone can help me figure it out - that would be great.

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Sorry I'm not of any help! That definitely is one of the strangest things I've seen, though! :shock:

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WOW,That is strange.those two things do look like eyeballs.hmm. Sorry i cant be any help but it probably was some sort of toy at one time.

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Looks like a buried canine chew toy to me. Probably one of those spongy rubbery things that was porous enough that the grass roots grew into it. :lol:

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I'd take it to a college science lab. Very strange. Eyeballs and all. :?

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Maybe 'pod people' left it... :roll:

Have you considered putting in a pot in some soil and see what happens? Maybe warm it up first with a short soak in some room temp water. :wink:

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