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Sepp Holzer root cellar / animal shelter

So a few weeks ago I studied under Sepp Holzer, the super permaculture guy.

As part of it, he talked about his philosophies on root cellars and animal shelters. He has a basic recipe for both. He even talked about how you can build one and later easily convert it to the other.


I have a lot more pictures of [url=]Sepp Holzer's root cellar[/url].
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I'm new on here, but I would love to hear some of your ideas, especially on free fodder for your animals etc. I have seen some of the sepp holzer's videos, he has a great looking place , did you do your course at his place in austria ?

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Sepp came to washington state! I have a couple of short videos of him speaking - complete with a translator.
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Great site!

Thanks for posting your pictures and video! What a great resource. I will be spending some time watching all of them.

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I believe this definitely is information that we all need.

I am going to check out all the links, as you learn more keep us learning.

You must remember, we are all farmers! Some of us are displaced farmers, growing on our windowsills, but still need to grow something!

I used to live in apartments, and I had my porch so full of plants! And in winter, every dresser became a plant shelf, every spare nook and cranny had a plant there, (uh, sounds familiar, as I look for just one more nook to put a plant! :oops:)

But really, with all the diversity of climates and living spaces here, there are many who are interested in many differing aspects of permaculture.

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Yeah man, keep posting it! I am lazy and this saves lurking on that other site you and hg frequent.

One question: what technique is used to prevent escaped pigs (disaster for a forest)?

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