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How to Deter Blackfly?

Ideas please to deter blackfly from broad beans.

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This is a good example of how common names can be confusing...

I know of a blackfly here that is a bloodsucker, quite famous just north of here...


but I doubt that's it...

Ahh. synonym for aphids. You mean like the black form of greenfly? This is easy...everything gets these guys... nothing wrong with just a strong stream of water, but assuming you want stronger forms, might I suggest what you call ladybird beetles and we call ladybugs? These guys love aphids and eat them up, both when the beetle is at larval and adult stages. If you don't want beetles about (although I would), you can stay organic with either insecticidal soap or our favorite, neem oil. Either of these will take care of that, organically. :mrgreen: These are live bearers, true bugs, and can be prolific and damaging, but are easily controlled without harming you or the environment...

Scott Reil

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