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My bonsai is sick and I need advice

I have had a bonsai for about 6-7 years will notice from the photos that I felt bad to trim it so even though I still call it a bonsai, its all overgrown. I believe the type is Zamia furfuracea. I have not changed the way it is being watered, or anything in fact, and suddenly the leaves from the original branches are drying up and cracking off. I am frantic over my bonsai potentially biting the dust. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps it is rootbound in the pot its in and I need to re-plant it in something larger so the roots can sustain it. Has anyone ever seen this before, and have any recommendations? Thanks so much.




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never seen this tree before sorry man it doesnt even look like bonsai u sure u got the right thing ?

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Several things come to mind. First it is only natural for cycads to shed their old leafs as they're replaced with new ones. However, by looking at your soil I'd say that the soil has a high level of salts in it (by using hard water or to much fertilizer), and that can cause leaf drop in cycads. Another possibility is you have been overwatering it and/or it is being grown in incorrect soil. Therefore I would change the soil its in. This will also allow you to examine its roots. I have found that sometimes Zamias will spontainiously get root rot for no apparent reason. If this is the case, trim off all the dead roots (and possibly even dead trunk), and repot it in very gritty soil (I'd use pure pumice). You will also want to repot it in fresh soil even if there is no root rot. And remember, this type of cycad likes its soil to go almost completely dry before being re-watered, so it is very easy to over water it (also be sure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom). And, where does it get its light (north, south, east, west)? The level of light it get can make a difference in how it grows.

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