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Is it too late to plant San Marzano tomatoes from seeds?

I am a chef that has lived in the city my whole life. I have always dreamed of bring able to grow my own delicious Italian San Marzano tomatoes like I use everyday in the kitchen. But I've never done it. In fact I've never grown anything. But now I live in a space that is much more plausible for growing a few tomatoes.

I live in Athens, GA. I do not have access to any actual land for tilling and making a garden. I would have to do this in pots. I would be fine with going to Lowe's and buying some HUGE pots if tomatoes require a lot of real estate. I just am a renter and can't till up the yard. (already asked).

I found on-line a website https://store.tomatofest.com/San_Marzano_p/tf-0443.htm

Here I can buy San Marzano seeds. There is nowhere around here that sells San Marzano tomato plants in the little plant form. I'd have to be growing from seeds. Is it too late for me to start? I would order a book, stay glued to the internet and do whatever to get the project started. But I don't want to order seeds and go buy pots tomorrow morning only to find that it is too late in the season.

What do you guys think?


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I think you're better off trying a little harder to find transplants. I'm sure they can be found on-line, but have you tried your local farmer's markets? Also, search on-line for Plant Sales in your area. For example, my county's Agricultural Center where they have the weekly farmer's market is having a Master Gardener's Plant Sale 1 week BEFORE the farmer's market opens in May. Last year, I noticed many Plant Sales associated with the Agricultural Extension services in spring. I imagine that in Ga, all that's starting up already. :wink:

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I'm with AS; this is a fairly common tomato, and one of the greenhouses or garden centers in your area has it. Hunt around and you'll find it; ten minutes on the phone should get you there...or if it really isn't there maybe Roma and do the San Marzanos next year from seed...but it's late now...you would barely get them to harvest before winter...


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