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Olive Tree disease and Weeping Cherry Question

I had an olive tree that was doing quite well until we had to remove it last year. The leaves dried up and fell off. I think it had that disease that causes rings in the branches (when cut). It has been out of the ground for a year.

I want to replant a weeping cherry tree but have read that some diseases can live in the soil even after you remove an affected tree. My questions are...

1- If I do get a weeping cherry, will it just become affected too?
2- I am looking to get a weeping cherry that looks like an open umbrella, not the ones that look like a tall vertical fountain. Does anyone know what type I should ask for at the nursery?

Obviously, I am a beginning gardener. Things that might be helpful to know... I live in Sacramento California, the spot I am planting is in direct sunlight and on a drip system so the soil stays pretty moist during the summer.

On a side note, I can't seem to find any trailing verbena for my hanging baskets. Is it just out of season right now?

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T think the weeping cherry your refering to is the kind where they graft a weeping cherry to the top of a normal cherry tree trunk. Therefore I'm not sure if there really is a type. Keep looking though, because I may be wrong.
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