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Hi all
This is my first post. I am now the proud owner of my second bonsai. ( my first one died from lack of water, A lesson well learnt ) This one is a nonflowering azalea and I can't seem to find any information about this bonsai anywhere, so if any one can give me some guidance or advice that would be great and very much appreciated.

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Non-flowering azaleas are a bit of a rarity here and are usually used in the bonsai trade. Care for these is much the same as any other azalea, so the need for a dormant period (albeit a shorter, milder one) is something that needs addressing fairly quickly. I would start keeping that tree outside on a porch or windowsill until freezing weather is a concern; cooler overnights should be enough to trigger some dormant response. When it does need to come inside, you still want filtered light and coolish temps; is there a room that won't be heated? A screen porch with storm windows? I keep mine in the garage near a window; works for me.

Very even moisture is a necessity here. This genus likes damp soil, but will balk and even die if it is kept too wet, so learning the happy place for this tree is very important. There are any number of insect issues to worry about, so keep a close eye on it for signs of trouble...

Not really a beginners tree, but with some close attention you should be able to keep up with it. Stop by here if you need more help...


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