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New to gardening


In a couple weeks I am going to hopefully be planting / growing a few different kinds of veggies but I don't know if depending on the type / kind of veggie I want to grow will actually grow in my area and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could go to find out? I'm wondering because we've tried growing pumpkins once before and it never really happened, I have a family member who lives in the desert and she has pumpkins growing every year and all she does is just water her yard, her pumpkins started growing when they left a pumpking out from Halloween and never did anything with it, I tried out here and nothing happened. :cry:

Any suggestions on veggie growing are greatly appreciated :D

PS I would love to grow grapes, and maybe some other kind of fruits, again, any personal suggestions or suggestions on any websites would be appreciated.... thank you! 8)

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Take a look at the Sunset Western Garden Book and see whether pumpkins are recommended in your Sunset Climate Zone. If they are, various cultivars among pumpkins will also be suggested for your Sunset zone.

Sunset also has a short article (I just read it; it's one-quarter page) on the general horticultural needs of pumpkins.

Good luck!

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