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How to Bring a Bonsai Back to Life

Is there any way to bring a Bonsai back to life? :( I don't know what kind it is but I would like to have him back. I let him get too much heat in my apartment. I have tried soaking him that did not work. He is not in direct sun light actually I keep the blinds closed when I'm not at home.
Please tell me there is hope

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Once a little tree has started down the slippery slope to permanent dormancy, it is a hard row to hoe to get it back to good. When the tree has given up and passed, no amount of good intention or horticultural knowledge can help... :cry:

There is an old Japanese saying, roughly translated, "You must pot a lot of bonsai, you must prune a lot of bonsai, you must water a lot of bonsai, you must kill a lot of bonsai before you know bonsai." Take it from someone who has killed his fair share, it's true. Take this experience with you to the next tree and it will stand a much better chance... :wink:


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