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ok I'm daniel please call by that name I'm kinda new to the bonsai thing I got my first bonsai (Chinese elm) last summer and I'm doing fine with that but I got a juniper about November and its beautiful but I don't know if I should repot it just yet and if I do I need information of soil and how to trim the roots

and on the chinese elm subject I have its pot in a another pot that has wild thyme, moss, and little Buddhas in it but I'm worried about root rot because the second pot has no drainage holes can I get any insight into the chance of root rot in that situation

sorry I don't have pictures my camera broke

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Welcome to The Helpful Gardner. You are correct to be concerned about drainage with the Elm, or any bonsai for that matter. I would not keep it in the double potted configuration you now have it in, drainage is essential. Since you say it is doing OK you must have developed a feeling for handling it this way but it is not something I would recommend.

A possible exception would be if you reside in a very arid climate and/or you are growing very small bonsai. Sometimes growers in such a situation keep a group of small pots submerged to the rim in damp sand inside another larger container. Even so there must never (certain species excepted) be the possibility for a potted tree to be in standing water.

As for the Juniper, you don't note your location or the conditions you have kept it in. Inside or out is the most relevant but other factors are important as well. If the soil the Juniper in is good you may not have to re-pot. If it is poor I would consider it. Look [url=]here[/url] for information concerning bonsai mediums and re-potting. Does your medium resemble any of those or does it look more like conventional potting soil?


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thanks I will drill a drainage hole on the elm

and the juniper is outside I really don't like inside bonsai and its in the same soil as I got it in at home depot by way I live in san jose with a humidity never below 50% and often 80% the months change if you would like a site with the average monthly humidity levels I can give that to you

and crap both bonsai are in bad soil not the mix but I'm going to join a group here so hopefully they can teach me a mix for my area

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