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Re-arranging perennial garden

Hello, I am new to gardening and planted my first perennial garden last spring. I live in zone 5 and I was wondering if it is OK to re-arrange/transplant a few plants as I'm not happy with the arrangement. Thank you!

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sure, gardeners do it all the time, like interior decorators rearrange furniture :) Spring and fall are best times to move plants and not while the plant is blooming. Pick a coolish, cloudy day if possible. Dig the hole where you want to move the plant to first (the idea is not to have the roots exposed any longer than you have to). Dig up the plant to move by digging all around the outside of it, taking extra dirt, so as not to disturb the roots too much. If it's too clumped up, this is a good time to divide it. Pop it in the waiting hole and water it in. If you do it gently enough, it may not even show any transplant shock. If it does get a little wilty for awhile, keep it damp, but not wet and it should perk back up in a couple days.

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