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spring pruning of rasberry bushes

I have a raspberry patch in my yard that was there when I bought the house. It usually produces good fruit without any intervention from me, but has become so over grown that only fruit in the front is available and the bushes are taking over the entrance to our yard. Any tips on spring pruning to facilitate a manageable patch without destroying the bushes?

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I don't know if you've done this, but each year, cut all the dead canes back, down to the soil line. Raspberries are biennials and produce fruit for two years, so any third-year canes can be cut. You can tell in early Spring which are the third-year ones because no leaves or sprouts are forming. Leave the second-year canes, and the new canes will sprout up as the weather warms up.

Besides that, the best method I've found to thin them out is to dig them up and offer them to friends! Once they taste those berries on their breakfast cereal, they'll be wanting more!

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Have you looked into using wire supports to corral them?
I have some wild blackberries that continuously tries to take over one part of my yard, so I've been researching for ways to control them.

Last year, I "designated" an alley or row where they are allowed to stay, pushed some cheap garden border fencing on either side, and ruthlessly cut off any that dared to grow outside that area. This year, I'm going to put up a T-post on either end of the alley and put up wires on both sides to hold the canes in a more upright position. The pathways on both sides are going to be heavily mulched.

Last fall, I also planted 3 thornless cultivar (Triple Crown) plants, so eventually, these are going to take over and the thorny ones will be history (unless the wild berries taste significantly better.... we'll see.) 8)

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