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shrubs for pots on patio

Could anyone tell me what kinds of shrubs for pots that grow 4-5f tall and 3-4f wide no more no less I need at least 7 different kinds.thank-you.,they would be for my patio.full sun
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Blueberry plants do wonderfully in containers. You will want to pay attention to the variety however. High bush tend to get very tall, but many northern varieties and rabbiteye types only get three to four feet tall. Some of the false cypress plants do really well in containers, and even those that get taller than four feet are very slow growers, will tend to be smaller when container grown, and can be occasionally pruned to be kept in bounds. You have lots to choose from. Perhaps you should google the topic first, then you could ask questions related to the specific plants that you are considering.

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Lots of shrubs that would ordinarily be too big for what you want come in dwarf versions. You didn't say anything about your sun exposure, so I can't be real specific, but besides the false cypress mentioned, dogwood, lilac, potentilla, fothergilla, caryopteris, mountain laurel, azaleas all come in dwarf versions about the size you want, as well as evergreens like boxwood, dwarf Alberta spruce, arborvitae. Also burning bush and I think maybe forsythia, barberry, and others.

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