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Ponytail Bonsai Care


Could you tell me how to properly care for my ponytail bonsai? I am following the directions given: keep soil moist at all times, mist, keep in filtered sunlight. Are these correct? Also, the soil is covered by white rocks that are glued together...I am assuming to keep the moisture in...is this healty? Do I change the soil and when? What is "topical pruning?"



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The pebbles glued onto your soil are to keep the soil in while it bangs around in the back of a semi; those need to be removed ASAP. They will exclude water and add who knows what to what water actually does get through (never know what glue they've used).

Ponytails are desert plants that store the water they get in that "bulb" at the base so keeping it moist is not really a good idea. I'd let it dry (NOT completely) between waterings and give it as much light as I could. Here's some more info...


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